CGBOX gives manufacturers and retailers competitve advantages, by facilitating the buyer's decision making in the shop and any place with Internet access.


CGBOX is based on the concept of being able to work from any place in the world and in real time, through the most efficient communication tool: Internet. Online access allows you to modify and update information instantly, and through a simple and intuitive interface. This is innovation.

Improving Client Relationships

CGBOX radically changes the relationship between retailer and factory. It improves order management processes, generating more trust with the client, and avoiding erros or misunderstandings which can waste a lot of money and cause delays.

A New Buying Experience

With CGBOX, buying becomes a totally different experience. Instead of a tedious task of searching through technical catalogs and complicated decisions, accessing a catalog (however big in size) through CGBOX turns buying into an easy and pleasant experience.

Continuous Evolution

We are inventing the future of online buying. Our configurator has only recently seen the light of day, and we are already investigating new applications and markets. This is why CGBOX will continue to evolve and improve permanently.


CGBOX simplifies the process of modifying references in a catalog, in an almost instant manner.

Our programme is accessible online, and thanks to our servers we can guarantee an efficient and reliable service.



CGBOX offers a fun way to modify and move around your products, while providing information on prices or points in real time, facilitating the decision-making process of your clients or retailers.

We Are All Different

Because each manufacturer is special and has it's own structure, CGBOX is mouldable and adapts perfectly to any business approach, both in terms of image and sales system. The configurator can be tailored to your specific needs and integrates perfectly with your factory.

Selling Reinvented

CGBOX offers a new way of selling and communicating with clients, retailers and manufacturers. It improves the workflow and makes the whole sales process more efficient and pleasant.

CGBOX creates personalised product designs in a quick and easy way. It enhances productivity of your sales department, by acting as an efficient tool, capable of building a personnalised offer in just a few minutes, while guaranteeing quality and ensuring the solutions are correct and up to date.



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