Does your company experience any of these problems?


- Mistakes in the sales process due to incorrect/incomplete order forms in terms of cost, technical design, quantity, etc., with increased costs as a result.

- You don't have a standard catalog, and your distributors and agents require a lot of pre-sales support, which is slowing down the sales cycle of your products.

- The need to manually update hundreds of references each time a product specification is modified.

- Generating documentation for an offer is very complicated (technical documentation, CAD files, list of materials, etc.).

- You carry out many repetitive tasks that could be automated, and past configurations are not reused.

- Your clients don't have updated information about your products.


  CGBOX will quickly and automatically take care of the following tasks for you:

- Direct orders

- Lists of materials

- Price calculations (cost and RRP)

- 2D and 3D representation





- Reinforces sales

- Helpful for distributors

- Helpful for final consumers

- Speeds up the sales cycle

- Reduces errors in orders

- Reduces the need for technical support

- Speeds up the launch of new products

- Reduced sales costs

- Increased income by improving sales ratio

- New sales channel

- Quickly find out delivery prices and dates

- Price control

- Determines sales margins and percentages

- Defines configurable options for each product, according to variables (materials, size, colour, ...)

- Automatically generates the documents related to an offer

- 2D and 3D representation

- Updated information regarding other modules of the software

- Simple and user-friendly interface

- Online access







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