Perfectly Combining Virtual Models with Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) makes it possible to add virtual objects to a real image. For example, if you have an iPad with the CGBOX application and an Internet connection, you can take a photograph of a space or room of your choice, and integrate your selected virtual product in the real picture, thus making it possible to visualise the product in the chosen room on screen.


With CGBOX, Augmented Reality is entering the field of Marketing (promotional events, fairs), Advertising and Sales.


Your clients will be able to access your catalog at any time and place, and create their own compositions in their homes, simply by taking a photo of a room or exterior with the iPad and placing your product in the image, to see how it would fit in their living room, kitchen, garden or any other space.


AR combined with CGBOX and iPad is the perfect tool to help your clients in their decision-making process before buying your product. It's a new way of communicating and selling your products. And it's fun too!




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